Wednesday, September 21, 2011

..the guy with the Magical Goatee

My stylishly long goatee has elicited varying responses but the caper was this guy’s that I sat with in a matatu. Living some odd 25 kilometers from the central business district is a chore. Driving, Matatus or otherwise. Yaa, I am still doing “Mats”. Some oversight on the Hummers technical specifications rendered me unable to procure some vital components for the old gal to broke ass couldn’t get what was needed. Yaa so am seated next to this guy and I have my Bluetooth headsets and the techno just taking to my happy place. So I feel these eyes peering at me, I turned and caught the gaze of the guy and he just looked away breathing heavily. Ok..weirdo. At least. Next thing I know guy chucks a rosary and does a crucifix over and over again. All this time I’m begging someone alights and I move away from this cupcake, but alas.

So I just decide to ignore him and concentrate on my music. I got a reflection of myself on the window and I got why my matatu compatriot was acting all weird. There was a blue neon light with a fish-head like symbol, the logo of the headset, pulsating. What!! The guy thought I’d posses him with my headsets. Kenyans.

Dan and Charity tied the knot a few days ago and love was just oozing from their youthful smiles. Love, amore, hera…that’s all the languages I know..but yes, they be in love. Wish you all the best you guys. 

Of course am not forgetting Denno DNA Kagia and Wangu. May happiness follow you each and very day.

So I couldn’t take any longer. With the wired happening every time I take a ride in the matau, I revived the Hammer…and she liiiiiiiveess…buhahahaha..ya she was on the road…for only two hours. I took her for an excursion..not a joy ride :-] and by the time am getting back it is already dark. I turn on the head lights and a few meters later…she starts smoking…like really smoking. I almost dive out while she is movin! I parked her aside and switched her off. Good grief!! But I wasn’t worried, if this was a James Bond clip the car could have already burst in flames, so I figured, I have to drive like hell to home and sort out the smoking later. It worked. Sure, I got out of the car smelling like I put out a cigarette with my whole body but my baby was home. Man I love this car.

Yaa so I have been incommunicable for some time. I know you missed me..yes you. So expect me regularly and with more tales from your favorite photographer

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  1. Oh yes i really missed you not you but the tales hehee