Thursday, February 16, 2012

...Havlu ????

“..Mhhhh….” she went, then puffed the brunette bangs off her face as her blue, almond shaped eyes tried to search mine. Never mind she was 5 foot short of something but her determination was unbearably cute. Ok lets try this again. “Big cloth”, I gestured with my hands apart, “you wipe….everywhere….after shower”. I tried as much as I could to conjure up all the charade techniques I, it is a life skill after all.
“oooohhh…Havlu (towel in Turkish)?” . finally we are making progress. She charaded back the basics of towelering after a shower and I was like “yaaaaaaa”. But she pouted and said…”we no have havlu”…no towels…after 15 minutes of being brought for back scrubbers and showering gels only to be told the object that I so quested for aint there..sigh..

Yes, that’s what I go through every day in my knew home. I since moved to Famgusta in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus…its still Turkey…so I have been told. But I don’t care..its an island after all. And learning the local dialect, Turkish, is like learning all its literal equivalence. It’s a magical place this place is. It’s a bit nippy out right now..we are still in winter and Spring is just but fast approaching and the sun is out more and the birds and insects chirp and creek even more louder as the days became warmer and warmer. 

Havlus besides the fact, you can get by easily but I still suffer from the self induced migraines of converting the currencies in my head when buying stuff in the market..but today was a no brainer..3 Turkish Lirre for a big ass pomegranate. Man last time I had one of em was back home in Kenya when  I tore my pants in an asian neighbor’s tree after almost being caught up there..hehe good times.

So expect more pictures and more translations with words of the day, “Sesame Street “ style but the Turkish version. Yes, every station here is in Turkish even “Courage the cowardly dog”..sigh…