Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Another year...

Another year..and looking back..i couldn’t  live it any differently..to the new friends to new enemies to that wired kid down the street who burns ants with a magnifying glass..i say this…I couldn’t live it any differently. Got a gig on my birthday and as you would have it…you can’t have your cake and eat it. Had a friend graduating and I offered to cover the event for her. Never again. The traffic was horrendous and the ceremony was murderously boring. By the time I was getting home I was dead tired and salt to injury…got into a small accident with this guy..aaaaarg.

But you know me..always optimistic. A ray of sunshine. And I did what I did every birthday. Got a hold of a 1984 bottle of wine from my friend who works at a certain hotel I cannot divulge…dude might get fired..and went to my favorite spot..Ngong hills to my super favorite spot…my birthday tree and toasted to a year worth lived. Wow. One year older. Sure seems like nothing, right…not exactly.

These last 365 days..I have experienced a tremendous deal of insight of what I want, how to get it and when  to get it. And most importantly…who to spend the rest of my life with. You see, life is not always about the good times, with friends, happy time and all that baloney and mama mboga’s spinaches!! Bad times will come…friends always disappoint and not unless you are under something stronger than morphine, you have to be insane to be happy always. So I decided to have a different approach and outlook to life. expect more from myself than others, love more eat more, pray more, follow God’s master plan for my life more and finally..treasure my relationships..that’s all that counts folks